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The ketubah is timeless. It’s a tradition that began 2500 years ago as a marriage contract, and later became a Jewish prenuptial agreement. This ceremonial document defined the groom’s promise to feed, clothe, love and protect his bride throughout her life. Since then, the ketubah has become a symbolic keepsake of any couple’s loving commitment to each other.

Ketubahs and More knows that commitment is the key to any bond between two people, and is not defined by just one faith. Each union is sacred in its own way, and deserves to be celebrated and commemorated with a beautiful engraved proclamation of that love. Each document captures the essence of the couple and their desire to build a meaningful life together. We embrace the diversity that has made the ketubah popular for all kinds of weddings and other ceremonies.

Choose from many ketubah designs in Hebrew, English or both.

Decorative accents first began showing up on ketubahs in the 12th century and remain a popular art form today. Thanks to a variety of talented artists, we can offer many distinctive design options to create a piece that you’ll be proud to frame and display in your home. Some couples want their text in Hebrew, while others prefer English. Whichever you choose, we will work with you to be sure you have the exact look and message you want. Browse through our gallery of ketubah designs to see what feels right for you.

Ketubahs make excellent gifts.

For a memorable one-of-a-kind gift, there is no better wedding or anniversary keepsake than a ketubah. If you or someone you love will be getting married soon, please call and talk to us. We will make sure you have it in time for the special ceremony.

Thank you for visiting Ketubahs and More. Please enjoy our growing selection of designs. It is our goal to help you find the ketubah that is the perfect expression of your love.

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We have ketubahs for all faiths, interfaith and secular ceremonies.

Today, ketubahs celebrate the deep love and commitment of two people, regardless of faith, culture or gender. Here you’ll find a wonderful selection of vows for orthodox and non-traditional Jewish couples, as well as other faith, interfaith and secular humanist unions. We will even help you create a ketubah that’s uniquely yours.

Interfaith ketubahs embrace two spiritually diverse celebrants, each bringing a unique gift to the union. The same is true for multi-cultural, atheist and same sex marriages. Whether it’s for a wedding, anniversary, renewal of vows or other special ceremony, your ketubah is created to unite both of your traditions and reflect the things that are most important to you.

Let us personalize your ketubah.

A ketubah is a very personal expression of your love for each other. It can be further personalized by the artist to include places for your names, and the date and location of the ceremony. Contact us online or call us to discuss your wishes. We want you to have an artfully created piece that you’ll be proud to display for years and years. Your ketubah will always be a unique reminder of the promises you made to each other.

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